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White Sapphires Or Diamonds- Which One Is Rarer

White sapphires are a great replacement for diamonds. They are a bit dull in appearance and give off less light as compared to real diamonds. Diamonds are nature’s amazing creations. They refract the light and give off a wonderful and awe-inspiring sparkle that lure people towards it. They are made cut and polished and hold a huge market price due to its value. White sapphires on the other hand are cheaper and can be afforded by all alike.

Where lies the basic difference between the two

Diamonds and white sapphires look quite similar. Well, the there are certain factors too that differ them from one another.

How much time does it take diamonds to form

Diamonds are rare gemstones that take a long time to form. Due to the immense pressures created on them and the extreme temperatures, diamonds start forming and taking shape. It roughly takes around 1 billion to about 3.3 billion years to form a diamond. This equates to about 25% to 75% for the Earth’s age.

How much time does it take to form white sapphires

White sapphires, on the other hand, are a part of the sapphire family. Sapphire,too, is formed from nature. The colour white is received from the trace elements present in nature while their formation process is on. They, too, are quite rare and it takes a million years approximately to form a sapphire.

Which one of the two is rarer ?

Diamonds are rare and valuable. The jewellery companies are benefitting from this discovery of this rare stone and they indeed are worth every penny. They are carved, polished, and given the shape by the jeweler, that has made the world go crazy about them. They are highly expensive and cannot be afforded by all.

White sapphires can work as wonderful alternatives to diamonds. They, too, have quite a high demand in the jewellery sector of the market. They are cheaper than diamonds and people can afford them, if not diamonds. They are used as diamond replacements in many places as they look so similar to another. However, white sapphires give off less light than diamonds and appear dull compared to their diamond counterparts.

It takes a lot of time for Mother Nature to produce diamonds as they need almost a billion years to form and white sapphires take about a million. Both of them are rare and valuable. However, to probe deep into it, diamonds take the higher notch in terms of market value. They are expensive and almost completely unaffordable, while the white sapphires are way more cheaper than diamonds and are amazing replacements for diamonds. Even though their refractive indexes are very different from one another, they cannot be distinguished at the very first go. Both are used by the astrological departments and individually benefit the humankind. People not willing to spend a bomb on their engagement rings or other forms of jewelry can easily go for white sapphires, easily. While for those who can, diamonds are the best gemstones to confide in, between the two!

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