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Simulated Stones Vs. Cubic Zirconia

Gemstones are always on high demand in the markets. The jewellery industry and astrological department, alike, need them. Gemstones are of two kinds. They are synthetic and real. Synthetic ones are the fake ones that are created artificially in the labs that have the constituents of like the real ones. The real ones are found naturally in the soil and take years to be formed. They are made from the minerals of the soil naturally without the artificial intervention of scientists.

What are simulated stones?

However, there is another type of gemstone called the simulated stones. These are the ones that are neither fake nor real. These can be easily passed off as real ones as they are almost exactly like the real gemstones.

What is the difference between a cubic zirconia stone and a simulated stone?

Simulated gemstone:

  • Stimulated gemstones are also known as diamond stimulants and cubic zirconia is one of its constituents. They can also include some of the clear gemstones that are natural like white sapphires and white zircon. They are diamonds but not grown naturally. They are sold at a lower cost than real diamonds.
  • The cubic crystalline formula of zirconium dioxide is known as cubic zirconia. It is one of the constituents of simulated diamonds.

Cubic zirconia:

  • They are a part of simulated diamonds. They are hard and flawless and often colorless and transparent.
  • They are similar to a diamond with the brilliance and their clarity. However, cubic zirconia is cheaper and affordable. They are highly refractive. Due to the high refractive index of the cubic zirconia, they emit a lot of light, which makes it shine brighter than a real diamond.
  • People often mistake them as real diamonds and it is impossible to know if they are real or not if you do not have a trained eye. Normally they are lab tested to check the authenticity. However, jewelers can easily differentiate between the two due to practice.

Simulated diamonds on the other hand resemble real diamonds but they do not have the physical or chemical qualities of a real diamond. They are sold at a relatively lower price in the market. Made up of several constituents, cubic zirconia is one of them. It is difficult to differentiate between cubic zirconia and simulated diamond as the former is one of the constituents of the latter.

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