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Lab Created Moissanite And Everything About It

Moissanite is actually formed from the stars. A French scientist had discovered microscopic particles of an ideal gem that was found in a crater formed by a meteorite that crashed in the surface of the earth. He mistook them for diamonds, but later on, he confirmed that it was Moissanite as it consisted of silicon carbide.

Is Moissanite real?

Natural Moissanite merely is rare these days, so all the Moissanite that is found is created in the labs artificially. Many years after the discovery of real Moissanite, the particles could be synthesized, and synthetic Moissanite was produced.

Synthetic Moissanite is created to give out as similar a glow as a diamond does. However, they have distinct features, and Moissanite is quite different from the diamond in terms of durability, radiance and composition as well.

What are the features and characteristic of Moissanite?

Since the Moissanite is created in a lab that has a controlled environment, its origin can easily be traced, as it has no mining to produce. Moissanite is one of the hardest substances of this world. Many people ditch diamonds to go for Moissanite as the stone for their engagement ring. It goes well and makes it daily wear without the fear of stone loss. The different characteristics of Moissanite are as follows:

Moissanite gives out a different radiant glow as it has faceting patterns differ from that of a diamond. The stable refraction of light is quite an attraction for many, while some feel it gives off way too much light. Under the glaring sunlight, it makes it look more like a flash ball than a stone.

Moissanite is mostly colorless to the average eye. However, it sure doe give out a grayish or yellowish radiance under certain lighting circumstances.

People who are unwilling to spend thousands and lakhs for a simple engagement ring or any other jewellery can surely go for Moissanite, as this is a beautiful replacement for the shining rock.

Moissanite is one eco-conscious gemstone as well since it requires zero mining.

They look lovely in places of diamond and make the jewellery radiant as it emits a wonderful glow.

The lab created Moissanite is preferable as they are not as expensive as the diamonds out there and more sparkly than a diamond.

Moissanite is highly durable and can withstand any adverse situation or weather condition.

They are created while keeping the excellent jewellery sets in mind. Moissanite is highly coveted for these sets in place of a real diamond.

How many types of Moissanite are there?

Lab Created Moissanite is of two types. They are in either pure white or yellow.

Both of these emit a wonderful glow. Very similar yet so different, Moissanite is brighter than their diamond counterpart is and give out blinding lights like a disco ball at times. Under certain lights, the colours of the Moissanite can be differentiated. Following the thermal growing process, only one company in the whole wide world creates Moissanite.

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