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Lab Created Emerald-Misconceptions you should know and Correct Yourself

The gemstones created in lab and the ones mined underground bear similar chemical, physical and optical properties. Those made in laboratory are superior because they are close to perfection, affordable and have lesser carbon traces.

Emerald is a gemstone which is rare in its natural and perfect form; and if it is available somewhere, the cost remains too high. But, there is nothing to worry because lab created emerald stones are always available as a perfect alternative. You should understand that emeralds created in laboratories are not imitations. Although imitation emerald is also artificially made, it does not follow nature’s recipe. The one developed in the laboratory can be trusted because their recipe is similar to the natural ones. Moreover, the chemical composition, physical appearance, and optical isomerism of lab created emerald stones are similar to those of natural emeralds.

How Emeralds Are Created In Laboratory?

The formation of emeralds below the earth is a very lengthy process, but in lab the same process and same composition are completed in a fraction of time and the cost incurred is very less as compared to mining. The lab created emerald is so similar to the natural one that it is very hard for an average eye to identify the difference. The differences between both kinds of gems can only be identified by an experienced person and that too with the help of high magnification instruments.

The natural emeralds have various minerals and gases which get included during the molten stage of stone development. This is the big difference because lab made emeralds undergo controlled and steady process of minerals, pressure and heat application, thereby have less inclusions and are very close to perfection. So, people get the opportunity to have high-quality lab created emerald which is significantly priced lower as compared to its natural counterpart.

Some Misconceptions You Should Know and Correct Yourself

These are always misunderstood with imitation emeralds, but the emeralds made in the laboratory are genuine and real. There are many misconceptions about lab created emerald gemstones which you should be aware of. Here, some of them are described so that you can correct yourself.

  • Fake Emeralds

Many people believe that these are not real, but people should correct themselves because emeralds created in lab are 100 percent genuine in all the properties, such as physical, chemical and optical. This is in accordance with the synthetic gem’s official gemological definition which states that “identical in each way to natural counterpart.”

  • These are Treated

This also is not true because nowadays, it is seen that natural emeralds are more often treated. But the ones created in laboratory are not irradiated, dyed, or heat treated. So, you should decide whether to go for treated mined emeralds or an untreated emerald created in laboratory.

  • Highly Priced

This again is a misconception. The emeralds made in lab cost only 15-20 percent of the cost of natural good quality emerald. There are many natural emeralds which are available at low cost equivalent to those created in lab, but their quality is very low. The emeralds prepared in lab have a single quality and that is “good.” The lab created emerald stones come only in high quality.

  • Less Attractive

This is one of the biggest misconceptions people have about emeralds prepared in lab. In fact, the controlled environment of laboratory helps the emerald to feature more even and rich color. So, people should correct themselves because in terms of clarity and color saturation, emeralds created in laboratory are more beautiful than the natural ones.

  • Missing Inclusions

Some people who fancy natural emeralds complain that laboratory made emeralds lack inclusions. They should correct themselves because emeralds created in lab too have inclusions. In fact, inclusions are a result of catalyst growth and occurs in nature as well as lab. Further, some people have the views that lab created emerald stones bear enhanced and more natural look.

  • Easily Damage

Another misconception people have is about the durability of emeralds created in laboratory. People believe that they are more brittle and easily get broken or damaged. This is false because 90 percent of the emeralds are treated or created in labs, and if this was the case, most of the buyers of emeralds would be complaining about the damages but they are not.

  • Lack of Astrological Powers

Some think that emeralds created in laboratory lacks astrological powers. This is false because astrologically, a gemstone is effective when sunlight enters through it in the body of the person wearing it. Since the chemical structure of natural and lab made gemstones are same, the sunlight will pass through the same chemical structure and enter the body of wearer. This proves that lab created emerald bear the same astrological powers.

Some Advantages

Besides being a great option to natural emeralds at a much more affordable price, these stones have several other properties as well. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • The emeralds created in laboratory do not harm the natural resources. It is widely known that to obtain natural gemstones, mining and digging is necessary. But, the emeralds made in lab uses a fraction of resources and utilities required during the mining process.
  • If you have emerald jewelry made with those prepared in laboratory, you can easily travel with it. You can leave your valuable and expensive jewelry at home.
  • When you purchase a jewelry made from emeralds prepared in lab, your jeweler will tell you about the different quality levels of those emeralds. As natural emeralds have different levels, so do these. Being aware of the level will help you to pay the real value of the piece you are buying.

So, these misconceptions and advantages will help you clear all the doubts about emeralds created in laboratories. You should not worry because these are as real as those mined. Whether it is cost, durability, astrological powers or any other factor, you will benefit the most from laboratory created emeralds.

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