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Know the Difference Between Synthetic And Natural Ruby


Ruby, a gemstone appreciated for its deep red color and known for filling a person with positive energy. The red color of Ruby is said to be the root of energy which enhances the sexual and sensual energy of a person by attracting love and repressing sexual malfunctions. Ruby also brings prosperity and wealth to a person’s life.

Although Ruby is counted as most valuable gemstones, a better knowledge can lead you to finding the right one at a reasonable price. The rising demand for Ruby has escalated the production of synthetic Ruby. Differentiating between a natural and a synthetic Ruby is pretty difficult and a better knowledge can only lead to a proper purchase.

Now, let’s weigh up a few features of synthetic ruby vs natural ruby to know more about them!

Natural Ruby is found in nature, created under distinct conditions and temperature. Involvement of human is limited to cutting and polishing, which give the stone, their divinity, shine and liveliness. This naturalism claims their high price.

Synthetic Ruby has the qualities of natural Ruby and human involvement behind its creation. They are the clones of natural gems. The procedure involves pulverization of the materials, melting and recrystallization under same atmosphere and conditions as required for the natural Ruby. As natural materials of ruby are used, physical and chemical properties and appearance remain same and the size of the ruby is created as required.

The difference is nearly negligible and the properties are nearly same, which gives people another reason to buy them

How to know the difference between them?
It is impossible for a normal person to differentiate between natural and synthetic Ruby with naked eyes. Therefore, it’s better to get the stone examined by a gemologist before you buy it. Also, you can go for a reputed brand or dealer who offer genuine gemstones at factory price.

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